Sysmex Partec the first pioneer in Flow Cytometry

Sysmex Partec was the first pioneer in flow cytometry (FCM) with a continuous contribution to the development of this cell analysis method since the late 60s of the last century. For almost 50 years now the company has provided complete FCM solutions including instrumentation, software, reagents and protocols. The vision has always been to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions with a high customer value.

Nowadays Sysmex Partec merges Sysmex‘s expertise as one of the world‘s leading international suppliers of in vitro diagnostic products with the knowledge of high-end flow cytometry. In this combination the primary goal is to strengthen existing markets and to create new market opportunities.

The flow cytometers are used for a wide range of applications including healthcare, immunology, microbiology, biotechnology, plant / animal breeding and pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. For these user groups Sysmex Partec GmbH stands for highest precision and quality. Technology ‘Made in Germany’ is not only an empty phrase but is substantially corroborated by development and production facilities within Germany.

A large number of patents were established during the long company history. During that time unique product identifiers were generated which are still widely acknowledged within the operator community. The True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) technology, in particular, is widely recognised for offering many advantages. TVAC enables absolute cell counts with unsurpassed volumetric precision (CV<2%). Modularization and consequently, the possibility for customization of products has been invented by Partec for the FCM world and has nowadays become the benchmark for all other suppliers.

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