Sysmex Partec History


1967    Establishment of Partec

1968    First FCM Key Patent Worldwide first commercial FCM: Impulscytophotometer ICP 11


1970       Medicont Blood Cell Counter

1971       Gold Medal at the Leipzig International Trade Fair for the ICP 11 FCM System

1973       Doublet Discrimination Patent

1974       Impulscytophotometer ICP 22

1975       Partec PAS 8000: 2-Parameter Particle Analysing System

1979       Partec Particle Analysing System PAS-I


1985      Piezo Based Closed FCM Sorter System PPCS Patent

1987      Introduction of Partec Cell Analyser CA-II

1989      1st Price Innovation Award 1989 for PAS Technology


1991        Partec Particle Analysing System PAS-III and PAS-IV

1993        Partec Particle Analysing System PAS-IIIi

1995        Partec Ploidy Analyser PA / Cell Counter Analyser CCA

1997        New Generation of Partec PAS/PAS-III: First Windows™ based FCM Systems Software Compensation

                  1st Price Innovation Award 1997 for Partec Ploidy Analyser

1999        Robby® Sample Automat and Autoloader Patent


2000         First Mobile FCM System: CyFlow® SL

2002         First Mobile FCM Laboratory: CyLab™

2003         CyFlow® space and CyFlow® ML High End FCM Systems (up to 16 optical parameters)

                   1st Price Innovation Award for CyFlow® and CyLab™, Ministry of Economy, Germany

2004         Start of International Project: FCM in Space | CyFlow® at the International Space Station ISS

2007         IQ Innovation Award Central Germany 2007 for CyScope®

                   First mobile and battery-operated fluorescence microscope, dedicated for TB and Malaria testing – CyScope®

2009         "Germany – Land of Ideas" Award


2011        CyFlow® Cube 8 Flow Cytometry System | CyFlow® miniPOC for CD4 and CD4%

2012        CyFlow® Cube 6 Flow Cytometry System

                  CyFox® – First "all-in-one" DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis device with "live view"

2013        Partec and Sysmex cooperation;

                  red dot best of the best award for CyFlow® Cube 6

2014        Partec GmbH is now Sysmex Partec GmbH

2016        Commenced new production line for Sysmex products

2017        Acquired new factory at Arndtstrasse, Görlitz

                  50th anniversary

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