Pilot, Inc. Becomes Wholly-owned Sysmex Subsidiary Through the Acquisition of Outstanding Shares

2022/08/01 – Kobe, Japan

Reinforcing Software Design and Development Capabilities

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) announces that Pilot, Inc. (HQ: Kobe, Japan; CEO: Kazuo Maeda), a software firm, has become a wholly-owned subsidiary through the acquisition of outstanding shares and that the company name has changed to Sysmex Pilot Co., Ltd. Going forward, the companies aim to improve the speed of development by reinforcing software design and development capabilities.

Pilot has high technical capabilities in control system software development and has established a strong track record in system development for ships, robots, medical equipment and others since its establishment. Pilot started collaborating with Sysmex in 2004 on software design and development for hematology products and transportation systems, thereby contributing to greater efficiency in clinical testing laboratories through automation and acceleration.

With the aim of improving Sysmex’s software design and development capabilities; quality and safety; and product development speed, and also of delivering further synergies, Pilot has become a wholly-owned subsidiary through the acquisition of outstanding shares.

By maximizing the synergies between the two companies and accelerating the software development speed for next-term products, the companies will contribute to the development of healthcare and the healthy lives of people.

Overview of Pilot

Company name: Sysmex Pilot Co., Ltd.
Location: Kobe, Japan
Chairman and CEO: Takaaki Nagai
President: Ayako Miyoshi
Capital: 10 million JPY
Capital supplied by: Sysmex Corporation
Employees: 56
Lines of Businesses: Development, maintenance and sales of computer software; consultation on the use of computers in general; sales of computers and related products


Sysmex’s Materiality

Sysmex has identified “Resolution of medical issues through products and services” as one of the issues that we prioritize (materiality), and is working to solve medical issues through its business activities. Going forward, we will pursue R&D toward the realization of personalized medicine, which involves the provision of healthcare optimized for individual patients, and the proliferation of testing to reduce the physical burden on patients.

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