Important Award in Cell Research for Professor Wolfgang Göhde

The ISAC honoured former Partec owner and CEO Professor Wolfgang Göhde with the Fulwyler Prize for the invention of fluorescence-based cytometry. 

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Glasgow, Münster and Görlitz, 1st July 2015 - On 30 June in the context of its 30th anniversary, the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) honoured former Partec owner and CEO Professor Wolfgang Göhde with the Fulwyler Prize for the invention of fluorescence-based cytometry. They stated:“The fundamental contributions made by Professor Göhde to the development and use of cytometry around the world more than justifies this recognition”. The ‘Fulwyler Award for Innovation and Excellence’ is the association’s highest award.

Göhde, born in Görlitz, Germany, studied biology, chemistry and physics in Münster, Germany where he also obtained his PhD. Together with his wife Hildegard, he founded Münster biotechnology and diagnostics company Partec to ensure the technology he developed could be used in practical devices. After qualifying as a professor in 1973 in Münster he was four years later appointed Associate Professor at the renowned M.D. Anderson Hospital and Cancer Center of the University of Texas in Houston, USA. Professor Göhde is one of the founding members of the ISAC and the German Association for Cytometry, the DGfZ, to which he was appointed an honorary member in 1998 ands 2010 respectively. In 2008, he was also appointed a member of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering AIMBE, an organisation that offers consultancy to the American government. Scientist and humanitarian efforts for millions of people
As the standard method for immunotyping cells, tumour cells and leukaemia cells, the turnkey technology patented by Göhde in 1968 soon found international use.

This increased significantly with the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Flow cytometry is still one of the fastest-growing fields of diagnostics. Professor Göhde deserves special praise for developing extremely cost-efficient, easy-to-use and (for the first time) mobile diagnostic devices that can also be used in resource-poor settings in developing and emerging countries. These devices are used for the immune status monitoring required for life by those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Where in 2002 less than 30,000 of the 30 million sufferers had access to therapeutic
monitoring, several millions of patients are now treated in over 100 countries by the devices manufactured by the company (Partec) Göhde and his son founded in Görlitz.

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