Celebrating 50 years of excellence in healthcare from Sysmex Partec

Without Sysmex Partec and its founder Professor Göhde, the world of medicine may have been very different. On 29 September 2017, it was time to celebrate 50 years of a success story.

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Sysmex Partec changed the game

Without Sysmex Partec and its founder Professor Göhde, the world of medicine may have been very different. As the inventor of automated flow cytometry, he and his company set the scene for entire fields of science, including haematology. Fifty years later, Sysmex Partec is still at the forefront of medical science, now owned by the Sysmex Corporation, the global leader in haematology. On 29 September, it was time to celebrate 50 years of a success story with the appropriate presence of Mr Takeshi Yagi, Ambassador of Japan, Barbara Klepsch, Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Professor Thomas Bley, TU Dresden and Mr Hisashi Ietsugu, Chairman and CEO of the Sysmex Corporation. 

Just one evening is not really enough to celebrate all that Sysmex Partec has achieved. Yet at 5 PM everyone gathered to enjoy the milestone. Following some pictures and food to the accompaniment of a superb orchestra, Sysmex Corporation’s Chairman and CEO spoke about the past, present and future as Sysmex Partec moves into a new era. Later, Professor Thomas Bley from TU Dresden provided motivation and spoke of the important role the company has played.  

One of the main achievements pre-Sysmex was in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Partec introduced the first mobile and portable CD4 testing technology back in the year 2002 to support the lifelong required immune status monitoring of HIV infected people and AIDS patients. Essentially, it reduced the cost per patient and per year by a factor 20 from approximately 160 Euro to 8 Euro, only. Since then, more than 2,200 CD4 testing devices have been placed mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and South Asia, especially in remote and rural areas. Since 2008, more than 25 million CD4 tests from Sysmex Partec have been successfully used in national patient programs, hospitals, public and private laboratories and NGO projects.

Throughout the evening, the guests were treated to some wonderful live symphony orchestra music from the Young NRW orchestra, led by conductor Ingo Ernst Reihl and including soloist Eldbjørg Hemsing. The evening drew to an end at around 23:30.

About Sysmex Corporation
Sysmex Corporation is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemisation and solutions, including laboratory diagnostics, laboratory automation and clinical information systems. Serving customers for almost 50 years, Sysmex focuses on technological leadership in diagnostic science and information tools that make a difference in the health of people worldwide. The company is also exploring emerging opportunities in the life science field. Its R&D efforts focus on developing high-value-added testing and diagnostic technologies that are innovative, original and optimize individual health. Sysmex also seeks to leverage its state-of-the-art technologies for gene and protein analysis.
The company, headquartered in Kobe, Japan, has subsidiaries in North America, Latin America, Europe, China and Asia Pacific and employs more than 8,000 employees worldwide. Sysmex Corporation is listed in the top tier of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For more information about Sysmex Corporation and its affiliate companies, please visit www.sysmex.co.jp/en/ For more information about Sysmex Europe and Sysmex Partec, please visit  www.sysmex-europe.com and  www.sysmex-partec.com respectively.

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