Dear colleagues, customers and other friends of Sysmex,

in February this year, Sysmex Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary, a major milestone we think for any organisation. Clearly, we could not have done this without you, and we would like to thank you for the amazing support you have given us down the years.

These are not just words. For all of you who know Sysmex, you will also know that we take our relationships seriously. We provide knowledge to drive your ability to better serve your own customers. Our service quality stands as a benchmark for the industry. And as we continue to expand our expertise into new areas, we are increasingly managing to engage a range of stakeholders who, together, can deliver synergies reflecting the market development towards integrative information and clinical insight.

Healthcare is changing. And so are we. We look forward to writing the next letter of thanks in 50 years. We are confident the level of mutual appreciation will be the same if not higher.

For more information about Sysmex, its history and future plans, please go to the official 50th anniversary page:

Your teams at Sysmex EMEA

Here you can take a look at where we have come from.

Sysmex 50th anniversary