• CyFlow® Counter
  • CyFlow® Counter

CyFlow® Counter

Ultra-compact portable Flow Cytometer dedicated for affordable and accurate CD4+ T-cell and CD4% enumeration in HIV monitoring and patient follow-up

The CyFlow® Counter is a fully equipped portable and ultra-compact desktop flow cytometer dedicated for routine CD4 and CD4% counting as well as total lymphocyte and WBC counting. With its small size and ultimate robustness, the CyFlow® Counter is easy to place even in small hospitals and laboratories within remote and resource-poor areas, such as on provincial and district levels, close to the patients. It is the perfect device to replace the larger, more expensive, high-maintenance flow cytometers and CD4 counters for HIV monitoring.

The CyFlow® Counter features the revolutionary Partec alignFree™ technology. Difficult and time-consuming optical alignment and laser adjustment, typical of the large conventional systems, are not required with the CyFlow® Counter, the first and only real “plug & play” CD4 counter. This enables the lab to fully concentrate on routine HIV monitoring and AIDS patient follow-up. Installation and set-up time of the CyFlow® Counter is reduced to a minimum. It takes less than 20 minutes to get the first CD4 cell count results in the morning. Therefore, a dramatic reduction of the cost per CD4 count and the overall running cost is achieved. Service, technical support, and maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum.

The CyFlow® Counter runs either on 100-240 V or on 12 V DC power (e.g. on a car battery or solar panels) and therefore, can be independent of the local power grid, making it highly suitable for use in remote places and developing countries.

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Flow Cytometry
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Order Information

Partec CyFlow® Counter – Instruments & Reagents

CY-S-3022 | CyFlow® Counter

CY-S-3054 | CyFlow® ALAPS II

05-8401 | CD4 easy count kit (100 Tests)
05-8401 -d- | CD4 easy count kit - dry (100 Tests)

05-8401 -a-| CD4 easy count kit - dry - automate (100 Tests)

05-8405 | CD4% easy count kit (100 Tests)
05-8405 -d- | CD4% easy count kit - dry (100 Tests)

05-8405 -a- | CD4% easy count kit - dry - automate (100 Tests)

05-8993 | Control Blood – dry

05-4011 | Count Check Beads green (50 QC Tests)

05-4011 -d- | Count Check Beads green - dry - (100 QC Tests)


  • Ultracompact and fully equipped mobile/portable instrument
  • Dimensions [mm]: L 325 x H 330 x D265, weight: 11.5 kg
  • Highest stability, robustness, and precision available
  • Single-platform, True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC)
  • Easy operation on an 8.4" TFT colour touchscreen (SVGA)
  • Power connection: regular 110/240 VAC or car battery (12V DC)
  • Set-up time: ≤ 5 minutes
  • Powered by Intel computer processor
  • Only 20µl blood sample required for CD4 and CD4% counting
  • Capacity: up to 20 patient tests per hour (200 tests/day when using the automat)
  • Support of internal quality control (QC) and external quality assessment (EQA)
  • CyFlow® Autopreparation and Autoloading Station (optional)
  • NEW: "Dry" CD4 and CD4% reagent kits
  • NEW: Control Blood - dry: Dry stabilized blood samples for QC/EQA