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Partec Microbiology

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Microorganisms are the most successful group of all living species occupying each habitat in water, soil, plants and animals including humans with enormous success.
Mostly overseen because of their small size, the microbes serve a fundamental ecological role on our planet, leading to a strong impact on all research areas in modern biology and medicine. The bacteria and eukaryotic microorganisms play an outstanding role as human pathogens, biotechnological "reactors" in protein, food and beverage production and many other fields. From an evolutionary point of view the microbes show a large degree of biodiversity, commonly being unified by the feature of their small size. This feature makes the microbes to a group which is most privileged for analysis by flow cytometry: the cells usually occur as individuals and as a consequence sample preparation is pretty much facilitated.

Microorganisms have desirable properties which make them predominant model organisms for genome analysis, detection of regulatory and metabolic pathways, cell division and cell-cycle studies and many others. Easy handling and cultivation procedures thereby reaching an unlimited number of cells as well as highly developed cell biological and genetic approaches are major benefits when working with these cells. Flow cytometry as the major methodology for cellular analysis supports all research oriented applications by its high potential of analysing cellular properties.

Applications perfectly covered by Partec flow cytometry instruments & reagents

_ Cell Counting

_ Quality Control in Dairy Industry & Milk Products

_ Viability

_ Fermentation Process Control

_ Live/Dead Analysis

_ Detection of Microorganisms

_ Cell Cycle Analysis

_ Yeast/Bacteria/Viruses

_ Quality Assurance in Beverage Industry

_ Quality Assurance in Food Industry

_ QA in Pharmaceutical Industry

_ Particle Counting

_ Toxicology

_ Marine Biology & Algae

_ Biomonitoring

_ Bioreactor Process Optimization

_ Quality Control in Cosmetics

_ Research


Growth of large quantities of biomass is done most economically when growth parameters are regularly checked.

Only an early and regular control of cell cultures helps to avoid a system break-down. Enumeration of growing cells, quantification of cellular yield and detection of contaminations with undesired cells can most conveniently be done by Partec flow cytometers. Together with our ready-to-use protocols and reagents we provide the perfect solution for cell culture applications.


Clinical microbiology laboratories and research institutions start to employ flow cytometers in a wider range.

Partec instruments are a perfect tool for identifying any single organism in clinical samples. Many different assays can be developed: e.g. antimicrobial/antibiotic analysis, bacteria counts, population dynamics and quantification of pathogens. Bead based assays have been developed exclusively for Partec instruments to sensitively detect various analytes. A special focus can be made now on microbiology in environmental research. Field studies and on line monitoring is performed with mobile flow cytometric detection units.


The bakers yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is without doubt one of the most employed microorganisms in food and beverage production.

Controlling the cell growth status requires both, long experience and the right technical equipment. First is not commercially available - you have already proven your qualities anyway. For the latter we provide the dedicated instruments for monitoring cell density, viability, contaminants and other growth parameters in order to prevent dramatic fermentation crashes. Due to its modular optical design, almost every fluorescence-based detection reagent can be analyzed on the Partec flow cytometry instruments (for details please contact Partec directly).

Virus & Nanoparticle Detection

The benefit of a high laser power can most clearly be seen when analyzing low signal intensity applications.

Partec has always been working on the leading edge of flow cytometry technology and incorporated the latest developments of available laser technologies and best-quality optics. Consequently, Partec was the first developer and manufacturer of flow cytometers offering laser excitation power far beyond the well–established standards. Not only cells but also virus particles are successfully being analyzed on Partec flow cytometers. Due to an instrument set-up being optimized for low signal intensity applications, Partec CyFlow® instruments are commonly preferred for viral detection and characterization.


Partec top end research flow cytometers are the perfect solution for all research oriented applications in microbiology. Low signal intensities from small analysis objects do not any longer need to restrict the usage of flow cytometry.

Partec offers the strongest (for flow cytometry available) laser models for a maximum excitation of the selected fluorochromes. This also makes the low signal intensity virus particles an easy to approach object of analysis.The choice from a large number of light sources and the modular design of all our instruments allows the usage of the whole range of available test reagents. Cell enumeration, cell cycle analysis, apoptotic assays, FRET analysis and many other fluorescence measurements are easy to perform applications on Partec flow cytometers.